Advanced/Refresher Motorcycle Training Course

Refresher Training

Return to riding course $150

Track Based training course $295

Making a long overdue return to riding? Bikes are continually evolving. Power and technology can easily catch out unseasoned riders returning to the road. We can reacquaint you with the skills, techniques and up to date road craft needed to make a safe return to motorcycling.

Our one on one private lesson on either yours or our motorcycle will provide you with theory and practical on road experience, tailored to your level of riding experience.

Track based training is an excellent way to continue your motorcycle learning experience.

QMS is proud to be associated with MotoDNA and are happy to announce a full day intro to track day training course.

The course is super fun and designed to improve your riding skills to make you a safer/better rider out there on the road.

Not sure about which course is right for you??? Please contact us on 1300 666 273 to discuss your current riding skills and experience and course pricing.

Hi Mark ,

Just quick word of thanks ,

I recommend a mate of mine from Marcoola..Tony Wickham ….
go do some training after getting back into bikes after some time and never having done a lot of road riding…..

Tony and Scott came and spent the day with you guys on Sat I believe.

Well he was wrapped , he rang me tonight and talked about all he learned (over an hour )…being an ex – motorcycle instructor myself for around 11 yrs.
(Ipswich and Brisbane areas Motorcycle Riding School,and I also volunteered and was district coordinator the old Q.Transport MCTP courses pre-2000 (in 1996-97 I was also President of the now defunct Qld Rider Trainers Association.)
it was great to hear all the components you put them through…..
he described all the right things ,the braking , the cornering, slow riding technique..he was amazed how well ‘trailing the rear brake works for slow riding techniques’.etc…glad all the basics were covered ..including centre stand use which he admitted to struggling with..

Thanks for training them they certainly enjoyed your training…and you have certainly left a great impression for the 2 guys and hopefully this will help keep them Motorcycling safely for many more years ..

Well done and thanks for your proffesionalism.

Paul Whitfield.
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