Beginners motorcycle training ~ From $75 per hour


Little or no riding experience, includes bike & gear!

Our Beginners Course starts with  Day 1 of the Qride Pre-Learner Course $300 and then onto private one on one lessons with one of our instructors if you already hold a current motorcycle Learner licence. $75 per hour for private lessons.

For anyone that does not hold a current motorcycle Learner licence you must complete day 1 & day 2 of the Qride Pre-Learner Course. ($600)

Once you have obtained your Learner Licence we can commence one on one private lessons if required to help you gain valuable on road experience at just $75 per hour.
Your first lesson will be in the safe confines of our new training centre at the Big Pineapple, combining theory and practical riding skills.

Link road

Link road

Beginner course QMS

Beginner course QMS







QMS is the only training centre in Australia to be able to offer its very own internal road system that winds through a rain forest and alongside fish filled dams. The perfect place to gain confidence and practical road experience before venturing out onto the open road.

Once we see that you are comfortable and safely riding around our training area you will progress to a light traffic area for your first real on road riding experience. Confidence is gained and road craft skills are learnt in this low traffic environment before our first ride out on the open road.

Your training will finish with varying on road scenarios, ranging from built up traffic to open flowing bends on some of the best country roads the Sunshine Coast has to offer.
You are now ready for your Qride RE Course!
Qride RE course >

Voice to voice helmet intercom is essential to training safety and makes for instant rider feedback and continued coaching while out on the open road, that is why QMS is the pioneer in using intercoms with our training.

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