Advanced/Refresher Motorcycle Training Course

Making a long overdue return to riding? Bikes are continually evolving. Power and technology can easily catch out unseasoned riders returning to the road. We can reacquaint you with the skills, techniques and up to date road craft needed to make a safe return to motorcycling.
Advanced Motorcycle Course
Return to riding course $150 For 2 hours

Eligibility Requirements

  • Full unrestricted motorcycle license
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Course Overview

Our one on one private lesson on either yours or our motorcycle will provide you with theory and practical on road experience, tailored to your level of riding experience. Price includes bike hire and riding gear. You are more than welcome to use your own bike and gear, price still the same.

Our one on one training is tailored to the individual needs of our students. Slow speed riding, braking and cornering is covered.

Training will be in our training centre and on road.

The course is super fun and designed to improve your riding skills to make you a safer/better rider out there on the road.

Not sure about which course is right for you? Please contact us on 1300 666 273 to discuss your current riding skills and experience and course pricing.