QRide Sunshine Coast

We offer full Q Ride Assessments throughout the Sunshine Coast.

The 6 Steps to QRide 1st October 2016

As of 1st October 2016 new steps to obtaining a motorcycle licence.

  1. Must hold a Qld drivers licence for a min. of 1 year.
  2. Complete a motorcycle Pre-Learner course  Qride Pre-Learner course
  3. Hold Learner licence for min. of 3 months before doing Qride course RE
  4. Complete motorcycle Qride course RE    Qride RE course 
  5. Hold motorcycle RE licence for a min. of 2 years before doing Qride course R
  6. Complete Qride R course (not compulsory if wanting to only ride learner approved bikes)  Qride R course 


Queensland Transport 30 multiple choice questions for Learner Licence link

Queensland Transport Motorcycle Riders Guide Link

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