One third (32%) of breakdowns involving motorbikes are due to battery-related problems according to NRMA Roadside Assistance data. Over the last 12 months, the NRMA has carried out more than 3,650 jobs related to bike breakdowns across the state.

The most common reasons for a breakdown are:

  • Battery related 32%
  • Electrical issue 10%
  • Petrol or Fuel System problems 9%
  • Ignition issues 5%
  • NRMA Vehicle Expert Jack Haley said motorbike riders who enjoyed travelling long distances should make sure they had the added protection of roadside assistance before heading out on the open road.

“Given the number of battery and electrical problems our Road Patrols find with motorcycles, having NRMA Membership is a reassuring backup,” Mr Haley said.

“There are many reasons you may need assistance when out on the road, ranging from engine or ignition problems to a puncture that can’t be fixed on the side of the road.

“If you’re using your motorbike or scooter to get around it’s important to know that if you do get stuck the NRMA is only a phone call away,” Mr Haley said.

Motorbike owners who join the NRMA’s Premium Care package today will receive a $25 fuel card free.

“Remember just because your car is covered with us doesn’t mean your motorbike is covered,” Mr Haley said.

“If you want the peace of mind make sure you get motorbike cover today.

For more information on roadside assistance for your motorbike go to: